Luca Schuler wins 2014!

Local hero takes first place in front of ABM and Kai Mahler! Check out what went down.
Luca Schuler performs a Bio 720 Bow and Arrow at the 2014 in Zurich, Switzerland.
Luca Schuler at © Kyle Meyr
By Kyle Meyr

Luca Schuler has won the 2014 followed by Alex Beaulieu-Marchand and Kai Mahler!

Under fantastic sunny skies and in front of 20,000 freeski fans, the 2014 went off in spectacular fashion.

Amidst the chaos of mountain biking, freestyle motocross and snowboarding, the freeski contest absolutely stood out.

The jump, 20+ metres in length with the possibility to go five metres further, was an outstanding addition to Zurich’s skyline.

Through sunglasses, the crowd bared witness to a round of qualifications unlike any other at an inner-city event. In the end, it was Schuler (1st), Mahler (2nd), Gus Kenworthy (3rd) and Beaulieu-Marchand (4th) who moved on to the final after the three run format.

Local Swiss hero, Luca (16 years old) stood out among the pack with the biggest airs of the day sending his vast array of 720s to the very bottom of the landing. His style and amplitude made him a shoe-in for the finals among ABM’s double cork 720, Kenworthy’s switch double cork 1080 and Mahler’s stylish double cork 900 safety grab.

Markus Eder performs a backflip at the 2014 in Zurich, Switzerland.
Markus Eder at © Kyle Meyr

Just two hours later, with the sun still blazing, the finals were under way. The format was simple, best score of two runs counts leaving no chance for the guys to hold back. ABM dropped in first with two double bio spins, the second being the better of the two with a 1080 and bow and arrow grab.

Gus went second with two double 1440s, the second one being switch with a safety grab, but just not clean enough for the podium. Kai got the local crowd screaming with a fantastic nose butter double 1080, the better of his two jumps. But it was all in preparation for Luca’s insanely massive and unprecedentedly clean double 720 and triple 1080; the first triple to have ever been landed in an inner-city big air competition!

Øystein Bråten performs at 2014 in Zurich, Switzerland.
Øystein Bråten at © Kyle Meyr

All in all, the event was a phenomenal success.

With the style and crossover sessions late the night before, the crowd got to see all the action against the pitch-black darkness of night. With beers in hand, they flooded to the main jump to witness possibly the most epic combination of adrenaline-filled action sports ever. Simultaneous crowd-pleasing tricks from every sport left them in awe and wonder in preparation for what could be the greatest ski season of all time.

Bring on the snow…

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