Flip 2 Flip: Øystein Bråten lands a world’s first!

The world’s first flip-on flip-off of a rail has been done! Watch Bråten’s mind-bending trick here.
Portrait of freeskier Øystein Bråten
Øystein Bråten © Kyle Meyr/Red Bull Content Pool
By Kyle Meyr

Øystein Bråten has landed the rail-trick of the century! Setting a precedent and breaking all the rules, Bråten landed an underflip 450 onto and misty 450 off of a rail in Skibyen, Norway.

It has never been done before: a flip-on to flip-off of a rail in the same trick.

“The idea came from riding rails with Andreas [Håtveit] and Bendik [Øye] really,” says Bråten. The three have been training together in Andreas’ backyard for years, consistently dropping jaws with the progressive rail skills in their edits.

I wasn’t sure if it was going to work before we built the setup, but I believed in it for sure.

- Øystein Bråten

Watch this world first in the video player below!

Building a tailor-made custom rail with Håtveit was all it took to turn this dream into a reality! After skiing the feature the first day, Bråten grew more and more comfortable with flipping both in and out. “Yeah… this is going to work,” he convinced himself.

Freeskier Øystein Bråten
Behind the camera © Kyle Meyr

Then, under blue skies, flawless weather and a film team, it was on…

Bråten turned that confidence into the majesty that is the first ever flip-on to flip-out of a rail: an underflip 450 on, to misty 450 out.

“It was cool, definitely a crazy feeling,” he says. “I haven’t done anything like it before, so it was really fun!”

Freeskier Øystein Bråten in the air
In the air © Kyle Meyr

And there you have it. The bar has been raised, and no doubt it will be raised again by Bråten in the near future.

“I’ll try to think of something new, and if something comes up, I like filming so it would be cool to get some more crazy shots like that!”

Our guess is that we won’t have to wait too long before he does.

Freeskier Øystein Bråten after his Flip2Flip
Accomplished! © Kyle Meyr

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