Billy Morgan lands first-ever snowboard Quad Cork!

The UK rider writes a new chapter in snowboard history by landing a Backside 1800 Quadruple Cork.
Portrait of snowboarder Billy Morgan
Billy Morgan © Jason Horton
By Jason Horton

As the level of progression in freestyle snowboarding continues to evolve at a crazy rate, the race to stomp the first quadruple cork has unofficially been on all year… and UK rider Billy Morgan just crossed the line, landing a Backside 1800° Quadruple Cork yesterday in Livigno, Italy.

For those struggling to get their brain around the trick, a Quad Cork 1800 is shred shorthand for a jump containing four off axis flips and five full rotations. That’s one full flip and half a rotation more than the previous biggest trick, a Triple Cork 1620, landed last month by Yuki Kadano at the US Open Slopestyle.

Watch Billy Morgan's World First Backside Quadruple Cork here:

The jump, which, as you might guess was absolutely huge, was designed especially for the attempt at Livigno’s Mottolino Resort and took 40 hours to build and shape.

Billy Morgan's World's First Quadruple Cork sequence
Billy Morgan's World's First Quadruple Cork © Red Bull UK

As for Billy, he’s been considered a contender for the Quad Club ever since he stomped the first-ever Triple Backside Rodeo, back in December 2011. As you can see from the video, there is a slight hand drag… but we think it’s legit. As for Billy, he’s stoked…

So stoked. I’ve been thinking about this for so long, it’s such a relief to have it done. It could have been cleaner, but I’m still pumped!

Watch this space for Billy Morgan's 2015 full part in the next days...

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