Snowboarding’s Renaissance Men: Pat Moore

Who are the ultimate All Terrain riders? Part 3 of our new series.
World's best all terrain snowboarders - Pat Moore portrait
Pat Moore © e-stone
By Jason Horton

Once upon a time, there were no contests and no videos – just snowboarding... As snowboarding evolves, most pros become increasingly specialised… but not the All-Rounder – snowboarders who kill it on all terrain. These are the true stars of the sport: the ATVs, the Renaissance Riders. So: who are they?

Well, the perfect all-rounder would dominate everywhere – spend all week crushing it in the streets and backcountry, then scoop up Slopestyle and Superpipe podiums on the weekend. But: ain’t nobody got time for that, so we need to look at riders who tick almost all the boxes – Backcountry (natural terrain freestyle/freeride), Snowpark (Jumps & Obstacles), Transitions (Halfpipe/Quarterpipe), and Urban (Street rails, architecture).

In part three we look at Pat Moore, a rider who is probably the most complete all-round snowboarder in the world right now.

Pat Moore

Backcountry 5/5
Emerging as a highly-promising 15 year old park rider in 2003's Video Gangs, by 2008 Pat had taken his butter-smooth air game to the backcountry, seamlessly blending big cheese wedge moves with gnarly steep lines and burly stepdowns in Forum Or Against 'em. A few years later his ability to juggle urban and powder led to his classic ender double part in Forum's Vacation – a classic part if ever there was one. Pat's backcountry riding is, above all, rounded: over the years he has ridden with, and learned from legends like Gigi, Iguchi and Lynn, and this shines through in his mountain riding, every bit as much as his park origins.

Pat Moore's Blueprint 2 Ep. 2: Without A Doubt
Pat Moore's Blueprint 2 Ep. 2: Without A Doubt © 'T Bird'/Red Bull

Park 3/5
Pat grew up riding in New Hampshire, which in snowboarding terms means smaller, colder mountains, less powder and great, if icy, snowparks – a breeding ground for riders with rock solid park skills. This is the foundation on which his whole career has been built – applying polished, technical park moves to every non-park situation. Becoming a Forum Youngblood at the age of 15 took his career in a non-competitive direction, so while Pat's clearly got park game, he never really proved it in the Slopestyle arena, hence the average score.

World's best all terrain snowboarders - Pat Moore  - handplant
Night out in the city © e-stone

Transition 3/5
As someone who has dedicated their whole career to filming video parts, Pat isn’t really interested in riding contests these days, but as an East Coast rider, halfpipe riding is in his DNA – back in 2003 he won a US Grand Prix Halfpipe contest, while in 2007 he made podium at The Arctic Challenge Quarterpipe event. Today, Pat’s tranny skills shine through in his ability to style a variety of handplant variations in pretty much every location imaginable.

World's best all terrain snowboarders - Pat Moore night air
Taking some air © e-stone

Urban 5/5
Pat’s urban snowboarding approach is similar to his backcountry riding – technical, creative, yes: but mainly full-on ballsy. He hits up rails with the best of them, but Pat’s real talent is in his ability to negotiate gnarly chunks of urban architecture with ease. “My style of riding is changing… I think it’s really cool to do park tricks… in the city.”

Y Factor
… As in, “Why This Guy?” What makes this rider stand out?
Obviously, Pat’s multiple standout video parts in all kinds of terrain make him an automatic choice for this list: the only snowboarder to podium in both the street and backcountry editions of the X Games Real Snow video competition kind of says it all. But as far as what it is that makes Pat unique? It’s his restlessness, his never-ending mission to find new ways to ride everything in his path: “No matter where I go, I’m going there to snowboard… I could come to a city where a million other people have ridden… and I could find something that’s totally different. There’s always something else.”

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