The top 5 freeski tricks to learn this winter

Whether you're beginner or advanced, it’s time to start setting goals for this ski season.
Candide Thovex skiing in La Clusaz, France
Over the Chinese Wall © Christoffer Sjöström
By Kyle Meyr

The winter ski season is in full swing, and after the first warm-up runs it’s now time to set some goals. We have taken the liberty of giving you a list of tricks you need to learn by the end of the 2015/2016. 

Beginners: 540

The art of landing switch is one you should get a grasp of early in your ski career. As cool as 180s are, there is no more versatile trick than the 540. Take your time, spin slowly and spot the landing all the way from 270.

Be confident and practise until you’ve perfected it!

Beginners: Backflip

© Kyle Meyr

Inverted in-air awareness starts here, and so does your ability to trade skiing skills for kudos. Backflips are not only as cool as it gets, they are a great way to forcefully discombobulate yourself. The more you go upside-down, the more comfortable you will get trying to find the ground before you make contact from it.

Learn the backflip… perfect the backflip.

Intermediate: Cork 360

© Red Bull

Your 360s are not cool until you learn how to carve into them and drop your shoulder.

Nothing says, “I’m too cool for progression” like a cork 360.

They are also a perfect way to gain control over your carved take-offs and practise skiing with a solid and powerful stance.

Intermediate: K-Fed

Freeskier Lars Tynes nails a K Fed
Lars Tynes nails a K-Fed © Kyle Meyr

Pretzels aren’t easy, but they do look cool. There is something about the frontside switch up to blind 270 out (K-Fed) that just screams control. Practising this relatively easy pretzel grind will boost your confidence on rails and can turn a boring rail into one of the highlights of your run.

Advanced: Kangaroo Flip

© Kyle Meyr

It’s time for you to get upside-down – twice. The double flatspin 720 (or 900) is the epitome of cliché double flips, but also one of the first ones you are going to want to try. Anyone who has ever landed a flatspin 360 will attest to it being one of the easier ways to get inverted. 

BONUS – Advanced: Straight 1080

Freeskier Thomas Trads doing an uncorked 1080
Straight spins are underrated © Kyle Meyr

You heard it here first: Uncorked spins are about to make a huge comeback.

Disclaimer: Do not try these tricks at home, in the park, the backcountry, or on the moguls, etc. 

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