Watch freerider Xavier De Le Rue on a DIY tour

Is it possible to travel the world, ride, film and edit a video series by yourself? Find out here.
By Beanie De Le Rue

Another season is here and another chance to follow the adventures of Xavier De Le Rue, aka the world's most respected freerider – and probably the most extreme too. This year though, everything is different. De Le Rue is doing it himself in DIY fashion.

Snowboarder Xavier de le Rue on a trip with his wife Beanie during filming for his DIY video project
Xavier and Beanie De Le Rue © Swatch

After several large-scale video expeditions, where we saw him getting seasick crossing the Drake Passage, riding icebergs and using paramotors to drop in on Alaskan peaks, De Le Rue's new project goes back to the roots of the sport, and to beautiful simplicity.

DIY is about leaving it all behind. The months of planning and the large teams were not invited this winter. Instead, De Le Rue has gone back to ski bumming style, travelling in a camper van with two additional elements: the Hexo+ [a flying film camera] and his wife.

Obviously no one knows how this is going to turn out, but time will tell, and the journey is the reward, right?

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