Watch 19 skiers in the most spectacular air show

This is how the crazy, award-winning firework of tricks from Legs of Steel was planned and filmed!
Lukas Joas performs in Stubai during the production of Passenger, Austria 30 May, 2015
Lukas Joas flying high © Pally Learmond/Red Bull Content Pool
By Marion Schmitz

The goal: To beat the ‘ski train’ the Legs of Steel crew filmed in 2011 for Nothing Else Matters, and to use the whole park to perform an exceptional freeski air show.

If you're not familiar with the term, in a so-called ski train skiers jump in rapid succession on the same kicker or a few nearby kickers, even crossing each other’s flight path and creating a visual firework of tricks.

Everyone had a good time, and everyone scared themselves a little bit!

Paddy Graham

The result: The craziest, most breathtaking ski action you could imagine – and awards from iconic Powder Magazine (Best Manmade Air) and the renowned iF3 festival (Best Single Shot).

Here’s how it was done:

Challenge 1: The perfect park
Stubai Zoo is well known for its outstanding features – but for this award-winning Legs of Steel edit, they went the extra mile: Working in minus-10-degree-Celsius conditions and through snow storms, they shaped a specific set-up for this very special shoot.

Challenge 2: The weather
The next challenge was the weather: Storm after storm made the planning and filming window too short to get the shot in the can. Just after the warm-up, clouds would move in and the shoot had to be postponed. It took weeks for the perfect bluebird day to arrive – and to have the best possible crew onsite at the same time.

Challenge 3: The timing, the flight trajectories and choreography
The last and biggest problem was to co-ordinate the choreography of all the skiers performing all their tricks. Launching from seven different take-offs with three major features and calculating the crossing flight trajectories of the jumps for no fewer than 19 skiers – an insane undertaking. If just one of them missed their trick, complete chaos and piles of crashed skiers would be the end product. But just watch the result in the player above!

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