Watch Eero Ettala’s full part from Ender

Finland’s all-terrain über-pro drops yet another classic video part to wrap up Ender.
By Jason Horton

If you missed our 48-hour premiere of Ender last November, you’re going to need to head over to Red Bull TV to watch the most entertaining shredumentary of the year. But in case you need a little taster… watch Eero's full part above.

Eero Ettala filming for Ender snowboard movie
The Man himself © Pasi Salminen/Red Bull Content Pool

There’s no doubt that Eero Ettala will go down in the history books as one of the greats. And not only for single-handedly proving that Finns aren’t all shy, serious types: his all-round skills on a snowboard and long, epic career will see to that.

Eero is a boss on so many levels

Jyri Paajamaa

Very few pros ever reach the star status (or shoot enough footage) to justify a solo movie project, but when they do, their legacy is complete. In Eero’s case, it’s a legacy that means all the more once you watch the movie: you see just how much he had to go through, how much surgery and rehab he had to endure throughout his career, to get to where he is today.

Eero Ettala filming for Ender snowboard movie
Eero Ettala filming for Ender © Teemu Heljo/Red Bull Content Pool

Let’s leave it with Jyri Paajamaa, the producer of Ender, to sum up what makes Eero a truly unique snowboarder, "Eero is a boss on so many levels: we didn’t even understand before we started working on this movie project.

"With Eero, the good and the bad is the fact that filming sessions were always short – he only needed few tries to nail all the tricks in his part.

"This put pressure on the filmers, because you have to be on point from the first try, since that could be the one ending up in the edit. And, as for the edit: there is not much to say, Eero’s action speaks for itself."

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