Let the Snowmads adventure into the unknown begin

Fabian Lentsch gets lost in the depths of the Balkans to find peaks no one has ever skied before.
By Thomas Wernhart

People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.

Sir Edmund Hillary

Sir Edmund Hillary was driven by his will to explore the world and live his life like he wanted. This motivation made Hillary the first person to stand at both poles and the summit of Mount Everest. Nowadays it's harder to make a mark in the history books, but it still takes a lot of courage to cancel the noise of the world and to listen to yourself. Pushing your life into the right direction can be as hard as climbing the highest mountains.

Fabian Lentsch has outstanding talent and at the young age of 21 he secured a spot on the prestigious Freeride World Tour. But as the competitions and time went by he had to realise that the dream he was working for all his life didn't make him happy and so he decided to quit the tour and to follow his feelings. Not an easy thing to do, but for Fabian it was the only way to keep enjoying his biggest passion – being in the mountains and drawing lines onto steep and powdery faces.

Fabian Lentsch is going on an adventure!
Fabian Lentsch is going on an adventure! © Red Bull Content Pool

Last winter he roamed the world with the infamous Legs of Steel crew to film for their big-screen movie Passenger and being able to explore the the vast areas of Alaska was a step into the right direction for the 22-year-old. This year the Tyrolean is ready to tackle his biggest adventure and hit the road to to find the best undiscovered spots and never-skied lines out there. Starting in Austria, Fabian and some of the world's best freeriders, joining him along the way, are taking a route to Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia. He calls an old rebuilt firetruck his home for the next four months and besides scoring the descents of his life, he immerses himself into unique cultures and experiences life on the road as you would never imagine. Let's get this trip started.

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