Check this crazy firetruck turned ski trip RV!

Find out how Fabien Lentsch built this rolling home, and take a tour of the SNOWMADS truck.
By Fabian Lentsch

I always knew that I wanted to build my own home on wheels, but I had to wait for the perfect moment. When we decided to go on the SNOWMADS trip, I knew the time had come to fulfill this dream and make things happen.

My plan was to build the perfect ski expedition machine, which could fit several athletes plus media crew, and handle steep, rough roads. After month of intense research we found our project vehicle – a 1985 model Mercedes 1113 LAF that had been used by German fire brigade.

Here it is, the end result! Welcome to the SNOWMADS Truck and join me on a tour through our rolling home in the video above.

Fabian Lentsch's new ski troadtrip camper van with a big portrait of the free skier himself on the side ready to embark on his SNOWMADS adventure
Fabian’s new home. © Red Bull

After we'd found the perfect vehicle, Moggä, myself and a lot of helping hands started to put all our energy into fixing, rebuilding and customising this truck – even my father and my girlfriend chipped in to make my dream come true, and I'm very thankful for all the support I got.

Check out the transformation from firetruck to 4x4 RV here.

See the whole process of refurbishing this old fire truck HERE.

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