The Snowmads crew make friends in Armenia

In episode three the crew put setbacks behind them and teach a few local kids how to ski instead.
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By Thomas Wernhart

After scoring deep powder and fun lines in Yaylalar, Turkey, Roman Rohrmoser and Tom Leitner join Fabi Lentsch with the plan to step it up a notch by exploring the volcanic Mount Aragats in Armenia.

The plan is to jump on a heli and find some unique lines – but nothing ever works out as planned. Gusty winds make it impossible to take to the air and due to solid ice covering the whole mountain there's no chance to shoot a single run or do a single turn.

But as bad as it sounds, this situation takes the Snowmads to places where perfect lines and hour-long hiking would have never brought them – right into the hearts of the locals.

They convince the local kids to try out their skis and hilarity ensues – and then sip a few glasses of local firewater with the parents.

Sometimes you have to put all shiny plans aside and step out of your comfort zone to adjust to situations – and this is exactly where the fun starts and where you'll make the best memories.

Check out episode three in the video above!

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