Watch Snowmads riding off the beaten path in Iran

See Fabian Lentsch and the Snowmads Crew score their first big mountain lines in Episode 5.
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By Thomas Wernhart

After Tom Leitner and Roman Rohrmoser, Frenchman Leo Slemett and German Jochen Mesle join Fabian Lentsch in Iran, their high expectations are not disappointed. This beautiful country is home to one of the world's oldest civilisations and the guys get their full share of culture, adventure and some big lines in the remote Zagros mountains.

After scoring some fun rides in the ski resorts of Shemshak and Dizin, the Snowmads crew are longing for some hiking, big mountain riding and steep lines, and there's no better place to go out exploring than the Zagros Mountains.

The largest mountain range in Iran also spans Iraq and Eastern Turkey, and the 1500km of sacred peaks have aroused the team's curiosity. Armed with tents, sleeping bags and gas cookers they set out to find some of the best big mountain faces of the trip so far.

Getting there isn't easy and the narrow, partially blocked roads demand a lot of driving skills and muscle strength to reach the desired destination. But the crew gets rewarded for their efforts and end up surrounded by some of the world's most impressive mountains, the rising sun and a glowing full moon, where Lentsch gets reminded "why he does, what he does."

Check out webisode #5 and join Fabian Lentsch at on his incredible trip through the Balkans.

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