See Snowmads ski big dirt lines in the Middle East

Fabian Lentsch and the Snowmads crew leave the snow behind and find mountains of sand in Iran.
By Thomas Wernhart

After thousands of kilometers in freezing cold areas and endless ski adventures, Fabian Lentsch and the Snowmads crew reach Qeshm Island in Iran, the most southerly point of their trip. The island in the azure waters of the Persian Gulf is famous for its cultural heritage, a wide range of ecotourist attractions and biodiversity – but not snow.

The crew finds their next adventure in an unexpected place, Stars Valley, where huge mountains of earth and stone in the shape of the finest Alaskan spines attract the Snowmads team's interest. Without hesitation, the guys grab their skis and score some extraordinary and fun lines on these unusual faces.

Check out some of the best shots from Qeshm below

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