Watch the best ski and snowboard action of 2016

When it came to epic powder and mind-bending creativity, 2016 was a vintage year.
By Jason Horton

As you might have noticed, 2016 was hardly a vintage year for the world in general. More celebrities died in January alone than most do in a full year, and let’s not even get started on world politics.

Luckily for us snow sliders, we live in a perfectly insulated bubble that’s not even slightly dependent on the effects of global warming (?), and as far as snowboarding and skiing goes, 2016 was a real doozy.

Fact is, there were more than enough highlights to keep us occupied while we waited for the snow to arrive. Top of the bill had to be the new Travis Rice movie, the long-anticipated The Fourth Phase, which completed the journey of insanity that started with 2008’s That’s It That’s All followed by The Art of Flight. If you know Travis, you also know that any movie that takes him three years to complete is completely unmissable, right?

Not that every movie moment needs three years, a first descent and the heli budget of the national coastguard to have our jaws dropping – as Jesper Tjäder proved with his incredibly creative Unrailistic snowpark edit end of the previous year and his most recent world-first ski loop.

Speaking of creativity: did you check out Marko Grilc’s Ride The Snake runs, or the new series from the Norwegian über-prodigy, This Is Marcus? Both prove that you don’t need perfect powder to have fun and blow minds. As did our Red Bull TV World Premieres of the punk Method Movie, the colourful Snowmads adventure film and the multiple award-winning Stronger, while the all-female ski movie Between showcased once again that the ladies can easily keep up with the lads.

Still, if a blown mind is what you’re after, it has to be said: you can’t beat ultra-steep and deep. And that’s exactly what you get when you strap into an episode of DIY with Xavier De Le Rue, or of course with the already infamous La Liste, where Jérémie Heitz knocked 11 steep descents out of the park in just two years and redefined steep skiing with his lightning speed.

All in all, an absolute belter of a year, and as far as 2017 goes… you’ve got some big boots to fill. Bring it on!

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