Is this the holy grail of kinky rails?

Scott Stevens and Phil Jacques take a jib pilgrimage in the fifth of our STRONGER Sessions series.
By Jason Horton

While most snowboarders fantasise about slashing our way down a perfectly formed Alaskan spine or snorkelling through bottomless pow in Hokkaido, there are others whose shred dreams are of an entirely different nature – to slide down, up and around on man-made obstacles that were never intended to be slid upon. They are the jibbers.

Scott Stevens snowboarding in Finland filming Stronger
Scott Stevens © Pirate Movie Production

For these creative (and some might say masochistic) shredders, urban Finnish steel is every bit as alluring as Alaskan spines or Japanese tree runs are to the rest of us.

Take Union/Capita team riders Scott Stevens and Phil Jacques: these guys have all the urban terrain they could wish for in their home spots of Salt Lake City and Quebec, but still they flew halfway across the world to Finland in search of weird obstacles and seriously wonky rails.

Snowboarder Scott Stevens photographed while filming the video Stronger in Finland
Scott Stevens hikes back up for another ride © Pirate Movie Production

Are they crazy? A little, maybe. But while rock hard snow and flat landings may never take the place of pow pow in the hearts and minds of average shredders, when these guys load up on salmiaki and take to the mean streets of Suomi, it sure does make for some memorable action. Kippis!

Snowboarder Phil Jacques jibs a long rail during filming of the video Stronger in Suomi, Finland
Down it goes... © Pirate Movie Production

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