VIDEO: Daniel Bodin jumps into the history books

Watch snowmobile rider Daniel Bodin's record-breaking jump in Sweden.
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Sweden's professional snowmobile rider, Daniel Bodin, has now added record-breaker to his list of honours.

Daniel, who won X Games gold earlier this winter, has achieved the unthinkable: driving a snowmobile down the vertiginous ski jump in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, and launching into a jump that carried him just short of 70m (230ft).

Daniel and a team of experienced FMX and snowmobile riders have been planning this audacious record bid for six months and together built the kicker that catapulted him 50ft into the air.

“What a feeling! I spent such a long time dreaming about this moment and waiting for it to finally happen," said Daniel afterwards. "Flying is a unique sensation that is hard to describe. It was quite intimidating at the top, but straight after take-off I felt I had everything under control."

Daniel Bodin at the top of the Örnsköldsvik ski jump.
Daniel Bodin jumps into the history books © Anders Neuman/Red Bull Content Pool

Daniel isn't new to breaking records. In 2008 he set a new world record for the longest backflip on a snowmobile. But his most recent record-breaking feat is something else altogether.

“For years I have passed ski-jumping hills in my car, and every time I've thought that it should be possible to jump one of those with a snowmobile. Half a year ago I felt it was time to go from thought to action and just do it."

And so he did. Who knows what he'll do next with his trusty snowmobile.

Daniel Bodin
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