Play by the rules at Red Bull Flugtag 2013

    Planning to take the plunge at Red Bull Flugtag 2013? See what you're letting yourself in for.
By Chris Parkin

Red Bull Flugtag returns with a splash in 2013. Fearless men and women around the world will be launching themselves off a series of terrifyingly high platforms in self-constructed flying machines that range from the sensible to the what-on-earth-were-you-thinking?

There are Red Bull Flugtag events happening in six different countries over the sunny months. Courageous competitors will be making like Leonardo da Vinci in the US, Sweden, Serbia, Ukraine, Canada and Russia, attempting to impress judges with distance flown, the creativity of their craft, and the showmanship of their jump.

The short film above – the first in an on-going series that will help explain just what Red Bull Flugtag is all about – lays down all the rules and shows potential fliers what they're getting themselves into.

Red Bull Flugtag competitor in Tel Aviv, Saudi Arabia.
Cows might fly © Gilad Kavalerchik/Red Bull Content Pool

The very first Red Bull Flugtag took place in 1992 in Vienna, Austria, and the concept has since spread its wings right across the world. There have now been 35 events in countries such as South Africa, the US, Saudi Arabia, Israel, you name it.

Red Bull Flugtag made its US debut in 2002 at the Embarcadero Pier in San Francisco and has gone from strength to strength. On September 21, the inaugural National Red Bull Flugtag will take place in five cities on the same day, with hundreds of wannabe pilots taking off in Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Dallas/Ft Worth and Long Beach.

You've got until June 1 to apply to enter the National Red Bull Flugtag event in the US.

Elsewhere, there are Red Bull Flugtag events taking place in Istanbul (May 26), Kiev (June 2), Belgrade (June 22), Stockholm (June 30), Ottawa (July 27) and Moscow (July 28).

Good luck, you crazy things.

Flugtag competitors with a dragon.
Dragon slaying © Flo Hagena / Red Bull Content Pool
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