Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2013: Winners unveiled

View the winning entries in all 10 categories and find out which photo claimed top prize in 2013.
By Khalil Emede & Chris Stanton

At a spectacular ceremony in Hong Kong, the winners were announced, with the standard of entries blowing away the guests as well as the judges.

“There are talented photographers and then there are gifted photographers,” said Jym Wilson, senior photo editor at USA Today and one of 50 judges of Red Bull Illume. “I saw a lot of talent, but also saw some truly gifted photographers. These are not just action photographers, but people with great technical and artistic skills.”

Find out more about the winners and their images below and check out for more on the 2013 Image Quest.

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Playground - Overall Winner
Xaver Hoffmann performs in Raisting, Germany
Playground - Overall Winner A huge satellite dish in Raisting, Germany, gave Lorenz Holder an idea – and the overall winning entry in Red Bull Illume 2013. “I used two big Elinchrom strobes in the background to light up the snowflakes and create a ‘white wall’ where I could capture Xaver Hoffmann’s silhouette as he jumped.” © Lorenz Holder/Red Bull Illume
Close-Up Photographer Jeroen Nieuwhuis and Erik Journée grabbed their boards and went out into the street to capture the winning entry in the Close-up category. “The position of the sun was just right and I grabbed my camera. After almost smashing it on the concrete, I gave it one last try.” © Jeroen Nieuwhuis/Red Bull Illume
Tomas Slavik artistic studio shoot in Prague
Creativity Daniel Vojtěch suspended 4X rider Tomas Slavik and the belief of the viewer with this creative shot. “We were in a studio because we wanted to create a backstage feeling, and also because we could suspend the bike from the ceiling. We had one rope for Tomas and two smaller ones for the bike.” © Daniel Vojtech/Red Bull Illume
Todor Spasov dives in Vila Franca do Campo, Azores, Portugal
Energy Romina Amato was in a boat in the Azores in July 2012 covering the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. “You need to be fully concentrated to find good angles when shooting in high swells. I like pictures that leave the viewer questioning, in this case: Where is he coming from? Will he survive?!” © Romina Amato/Red Bull Illume
Jordan Mendenhall performs in  Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
Experimental Former semi-pro snowboarder Lorenz Holder, the overall winner for 2013, also won the Experimental category. ”I wanted to create a totally different world. I mirrored parts of the building to get a really big building. Jordan Mendenhall in the front is the only element that is not symmetrical.” © Lorenz Holder/Red Bull Illume
Travis Rice performs in Tordrillo Mountains, AK, United States
Illumination Scott Serfas’ time in Alaska for the making of the Art of FLIGHT film was nearly at an end when he grabbed this shot of Travis Rice. “I really wanted to shoot a photo from the helicopter and this photo turned out to be the last photo I took during what was the best snowboarding trip of my life!” © Scott Serfas/Red Bull Illume
Jake Marshall, Taylor Clark, Frankie Harrer, Colt Ward, Thelen Whorrell, Nolan Rapoza, Dryden Brown in Fiji
Lifestyle “Late one fall I gathered a group of young American surfers, and we departed for Cloudbreak in Fiji,” recalls Morgan Maassen. “They surfed for 10 hours a day… I captured them one morning, discussing in the water anything from the surf they were enjoying to the homework they forgot at home!” © Morgan Maassen/Red Bull Illume
Gabriel Medina performs in Oahu, HI, USA
Sequence Gabriel Medina goes big with a backflip at sunset. “This was not a large day by North Shore standards but sort of a lay day,” said photographer Zakary Noyle. “By pulling the lens back, it’s as if someone were walking down the beach and looking over to see Gabriel doing this massive backflip.” © Zakary Noyle/Red Bull Illume
Keith Malloy and Dane Gudauskas get ready for surf in Unstad, Lofoten Islands, Norway
Spirit The Red Bull Illume winner from 2011, Chris Burkard, shot this picture after an attempted surf session in Norway with Keith Malloy and Dane Gudauskas was scuppered by heavy snowfall. “Dane and Keith knew another surf session was nowhere in sight and so headed back into town,” said Chris. © Chris Burkard/Red Bull Illume
Jorge Ferzuli cliff diving in Athens, Greece
Wings For Samo Vidic, shooting cliff diving means getting in the water occasionally! “I was booked for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series stop in Greece in 2011. I usually try to get different styles of photos from the water and here I was lucky enough to capture a bird flying next to Jorge Ferzuli.” © Samo Vidic/Red Bull Illume
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