Focus On: Photos of crazy tricks

Crazy tricks, sick moves... Call them what you like; we've got the pictures you want to see.
By Khalil Emede, Lukas Pilz & Sam Bloomfield
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Way to go
Skater Danny Way performs a gap to noseblunt slide during filming for his deluxe edition part of a DC video.
Way to go Danny Way performs a gap to noseblunt. Legendary skate photographer Mike Blabac said: "In my opinion, this is the gnarliest Nosebluntslide ever! It's also one of my favorite photos I've ever shot." © Mike Blabac
Alley oop!
Julian Wilson performs an incredible alley oop at the Rip Curl Pro in Portugal
Alley oop! One of the stand out moments from the Rip Curl Pro 2013 in Portugal. During his heat, Aussie Julian Wilson pulled out the one of the best alley oops you're ever likely to see. © Hugo Silva/Red Bull Content Pool
The master of balance
Jorge 'Viki' Gomez perfors his signature BMX flatland routine in Muscat, Oman.
The master of balance Jorge 'Viki' Gomez is known for his smooth-flowing BMX flatland combinations, which include several signature saddle-free moves. Here he performs in Muscat, Oman. © Naim Chidiac/Red Bull Content Pool
A rocket to the moon
Windsurfer Philip Köster gets huge air during Red Bull Rockets at Gran Canaria in 2011
A rocket to the moon This sequence shows German windsurfer Philip Köster getting some huge air during the Red Bull Rockets windsurfing competition on Gran Canaria in 2011. © Sebastian Schöffel/Red Bull Content Pool
The art of flight
Freestyle big mountain snowboarder Travis Rice during the filming of Art of Flight
The art of flight Legendary freerider Travis Rice is caught mid-trick during the filming of the Art Of Flight movie in Jackson Hole, Wyoming back in February 2011. © Danny Zapalac/Red Bull Content Pool
Blurred lines
The Flying Steps b-boy crew perform at the Red Bull Flying Bach in Tbilisi, Georgia on June 14th, 2012
Blurred lines Members of Berlin b-boy crew Flying Steps trace out some shapes at the Red Bull Flying Bach competition in Tblisi, Georgia. © Denis Klero/Red Bull Content Pool
Sport bike stunt rider Arunas Gibieza on his Kawasaki ZX6R bike in Lithuania.
Lithumaniac Lithuanian sport bike stunt rider Arunas Gibieza combines all sorts of things that were never meant to go together. Here he mixes high speeds, a wheelie and a handstand while shooting a new video in Trakai, Lithuania. © Tomas Adomavičius / Red Bull Content Pool
Balls out
Danny MacAskill performs a trial bike trick as part of his Imaginate film
Balls out Danny MacAskill's tricks often defy categorisation. This sequence from his Imaginate film is a basic 180º flip. Or it was, until he involved a big, red exercise ball. © Fred Murray / Red Bull Content Pool
Julien Dupont freestyle trials riding in Milos, Greece
Moonrider French freestyle trials genius Julien Dupont had ridden almost every landscape on Earth, but this trip to Milos, Greece in August 2013 gave him a chance to see what it might be like to ride on the Moon. © Samo Vidic/Red Bull Content Pool
Top of the class
Freerunner Jason Paul on the rooftops of Sarajevo, Bosnia in 2013.
Top of the class German freerunning star Jason Paul traverses the rooftops of Sarajevo University, Bosnia, in his unique, free-flowing style in October 2013. © Sulejman Omerbasic/Red Bull Content Pool
On the rampage
Cam Zink performs a 78ft back flip to win best trick at the Red Bull Rampage mountain bike slopestyle event in Virgin, Utah, USA.
On the rampage Cam Zink, who placed third overall, pulled out this enormous 78ft backflip to take best trick at Red Bull Rampage 2013 in Virgin, Utah. © Ian Hylands/Red Bull Content Pool
Twice as nice
Jamie O'Brien pulls off an amazing board transfer at Banzai Beach, Hawaii
Twice as nice Not content with just riding Hawaii's notorious Pipeline, which most of us can only dream of doing, Jamie O'Brien pulled off a board transfer there. He paddles out on a cheap foam board, catches an 8-foot tube, transfers to his proper board and rides it in, as if that's a thing people do. © Brian Bielmann