Focus On: Blue world

Beautiful photos of action sports and live music around the world, with a tantalisingly blue twist.
By Helen Baker,Khalil Emede and Lukas Pilz
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Cathedral of light
Climber Dani Arnold scales an ice fall at night in Norway.
Cathedral of light In early 2013, Dani Arnold – record holder for the north face of the Eiger – and other Mammut team climbers joined photographer Thomas Senf and Swiss artist David Hediger for an ice-climbing trip to Norway's Eidfjord. Here's Arnold night climbing against a backdrop of stunning colour effects. © Mammut/Thomas Senf
Room with a view
Skateboarder Axel Cruysberghs performs a wallie.
Room with a view Belgian street skater Axel Cruysberghs shows how he likes to push his skills to greater heights with this wallie trick. He started skateboarding at a young age, making his breakthrough onto the pro scene in 2009. © SWITN
Water, water everywhere
Red Bull pilot Péter Besenyei flies over Kaafu Atoll.
Water, water everywhere Hungary's Péter Besenyei – also known as the 'Godfather of the Red Bull Air Race' – flies over the azure blue sea surrounding Kaafu Atoll during the Red Bull Air Show in the Maldives in 2011, watched by 100,000 people (about a third of the islands' population!). © Balazs Gardi/Red Bull Content Pool
In four places at once
Trail biker Thomas Oehler captured in four different poses on his bike in a blue room.
In four places at once Elite Austrian trial biker and Guinness World Record holder Thomas Oehler manages to be in several places at the same time during a remarkably blue shoot in Klagenfurt am Woerthersee, Austria in 2009. © Ulrich Grill/Red Bull Content Pool
Head in the clouds
Jon Durand hang glides just ahead of the roll cloud Morning Glory.
Head in the clouds Hang-glider pilot Jon Durand fulfills his lifelong dream to surf the Morning Glory (aboriginal name 'yippipie'), a 1000km-long roll cloud that surges across the Australian ground at more than 60km/h. His successful attempt was documented by the Red Bull Glorious Days project in 2009. © Mark Watson/Red Bull Content Pool
He's a shoal man
Cliff diver Orlando Duque swims among a shoal of fish.
He's a shoal man Cliff-diving champion Orlando Duque swims among a large group of fish in the clear waters surrounding Malpelo Island, a World Heritage Site that's 30 hours by boat from the Colombian coast, in 2009. © Ray Demski/Red Bull Content Pool
Sun, sea and surfing
Kitesurfer Susanne Mai pauses in the water for a photo.
Sun, sea and surfing German kiteboarder Susi Mai pauses in the water for a photo while surfing in the sea around the South Malé Atoll in the Maldives in 2011. Born in 1984, her family moved from Germany to the Dominican Republic when she was six, and she began kitesurfing while at elementary school. © Predrag Vuckovic/Red Bull Content Pool
What lies beneath
Waterskier Dorien Llewellyn perfoms on Lake Salmsee.
What lies beneath Champion Austrian-American waterskier Dorien Llewellyn shows us what he's made of at Lake Salmsee in Steyregg, Austria in 2012. He's had a great 2013, winning the Europe and African Youth Championship in France, as well as the Junior Masters Water Ski and Wakeboard Tournament in the USA. © Philip Platzer/Red Bull Content Pool
No business like snow business
Offroad driver Ricky Johnson's truck emerges from a cloud of snow.
No business like snow business In January, Red Bull Frozen Rush 2014 will give a new spin (literally) to snowsports, by pitting eight offroad drivers against each other in Pro4 trucks on snowy slopes. Here, offroad racer Ricky Johnson test runs his 4x4 in the snow at the Sierra ski resort in Tahoe, California in early 2013. © Brian Nevins/Red Bull Content Pool
Halfpipe to heaven
Snowboarder Dimi de Jong performs a trick in the halfpipe.
Halfpipe to heaven Dutch snowboarder Dimi de Jong gets big air at the Red Bull Junior Snow Performance Camp in Laax, Switzerland in April 2013. Despite living in one of the world's flattest countries, he's taken the snowboarding world by storm. © Lorenz Richard/Red Bull Content Pool
Walking on water
Freerunner Jason Paul perfoms a front flip over a turquoise infinity pool.
Walking on water Warming up for Red Bull Art of Motion 2013 on the Greek island of Santorini, German freerunner Jason Paul performs a front flip over a turquoise infinity pool. The freerunning competition – which began in Austria in 2007 – brings together the world's best freerunners in epic locations worldwide. © Predrag Vuckovic/Red Bull Content Pool
Feeling blue
A crowd surrounds singer Dessa as she performs.
Feeling blue The crowd is bathed in a blue hue as fans watch American singer and all-round artist Dessa perform at venue Neumos in Seattle, USA for Red Bull Sound Select in October 2013. The 32-year-old Minnesotan is also a member of Doomtree, a seven-piece hip-hop collective. © Nate Watters/Red Bull Content Pool
Heaven on Earth
Photo from below of surfer Kolohe Andin, as he swims on his board.
Heaven on Earth Californian surfer Kolohe Andino looks more like he's swimming through clouds than waves in this watery shot from 2008. Born in 1994, he's already a two-time USA national champion and the youngest person ever to win the men's open title at an NSSA regional event. © Jason Kenworthy/Red Bull Content Pool