Need to Know: Red Bull Curates Protégés

Five artists in five cities adorning Red Bull Canvas Coolers with art in partnership with Hypebeast.
By Tim Sturtridge

The buzz
Style and substance collide as Red Bull Curates Protégés x Hypebeast shines a light on a group of upcoming artists and designers. Five creative minds will use can coolers as their canvas to put down an aesthetic statement. The finished product will then be housed in a top fashion boutique in one of the globe’s cultural capitals. Watch each can cooler take a journey of metamorphosis during this mini-series of five episodes as the thought process of each artist is charted from conception to completion, and watch the teaser above to hear more.

Starting a new project means lots of sketching and notes and general brain-farting.

– Rugman (London)

The back story
Red Bull teamed up with cutting edge fashion website Hypebeast to earmark a select band of artists with all the raw materials necessary to leave an indelible mark on this project. Hong Kong-based painter, illustrator, graphic designer and bass guitarist Prodip is the focus in the first episode of the mini-series. Prodip’s work is heavily influenced by the ether as he draws on outer space, UFOs and alien-focused art for inspiration. In the weeks to come Sweden’s Karolina Wojcik, Tokyo’s Toshikazu Nozaka and America’s MAR will also be featured before the fifth and final episode showcases the talents of Rugman of the UK.

The future
The first episode of the mini-series sees Prodip’s can cooler housed in Konzepp, a location that acts as a lightning rod to Hong Kong’s artistic and creative community. As the series progresses we visit further hubs of inspiration to deliver a freshly cultivated can cooler. Join us for an expedition that will take in far-flung destinations such as Swedish screen-printing emporium Impala in Malmö and avant-garde Tokyo boutique Nubian.

Malmö is really good at acknowledging the importance of a widespread, prospering cultural life.

– Karolina Wojcik

If you only do one thing…
Walk the path of the artists involved in the project with a visit to Hypebeast. Dedicated to the progression of fashion through visual inspirations and the provision of knowledge, Hypebeast spans a comprehensive range of both styles and brands, from streetwear to high-end and from established to emerging trends. It’s these ideals that make Hypebeast the perfect partner for the Red Bull Curates Protégés project.

Make sure you also visit from April 3 for each weekly episode!

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