Séan Garnier brings busy Mumbai to a standstill

Watch freestyle soccer legend Séan Garnier’s display of tricks cast a spell over his Indian hosts.
By Alex Hazle

Ever been to Mumbai? It's a busy, non-stop place with the constant drone of horns from black and yellow taxis, buzz of small motorscooters weaving in and out of the solid traffic and people everywhere. Mumbai is home to 18 million of them, making it India's most populous city and the world's fifth-fullest-of-humans.

But recently it took just one man and his arsenal of the best freestyle football tricks on the planet to bring everywhere he went in Mumbai to a shuddering halt.

The original Red Bull Street Style champion of 2008 was in Mumbai as a judge for India's national competition to find their representative for this year's Red Bull Street Style world final in Brazil in November. But Séan Garnier got where he is today as a showman and was never just going to sit in judgment of others in such an epic location.

Sean Garnier entertains the crowd on a Mumbai street.
Séan Garnier takes to the streets of Mumbai © Neville Sukhia/Red Bull Content Pool

So watch the above video and follow the Frenchman onto the city's streets as he stops buses, dazzles, engages and bamboozles the crowds, and generally makes a few hundred friends along the way. Ça va?

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Sean Garnier does freestyle soccer tricks in Mumbai
Séan Garnier with the whole globe in his hand © Neville Sukhia/Red Bull Content Pool
Séan Garnier
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