Séan Garnier tells us how to kick it with style

The former Red Bull Street Style champion lets us know what he’s looking for when judging a contest.
By Tim Sturtridge

While getting his trademark cornrows worked on Séan Garnier told us what he wants to see when judging a Red Bull Street Style event.

I will always go for the guy who is really original.

– Séan Garnier

For Séan it’s style that’s the name of the game and the Frenchman needs to see a baller out on the stage doing their own thing if they’re going to do enough to get his vote.

“My way to judge is to look for control, style and creativity, but I’m also looking for extra details.” Séan says, “The guy who is doing his own trick will get my vote because he is creating his own style.”

The 2008 Red Bull Street Style champion tells anyone looking to follow in his footsteps not to focus simply on the ball. “You have to interact with the MC, the DJ and the crowd. You need to play with all these elements and the ball is just one of those elements.”

As an extra bonus we also get to hear from Andrew Henderson who became the competition’s latest champion in Brazil earlier this month. Andrew is also firmly behind the idea that originality is the key to freestyling success.

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