Red Bull Street Style

Learn to master these jaw-dropping soccer tricks

X, Y and Z mark the spot, as we unveil the final moves from the Red Bull Street Style tricktionary.
By Martyn Thomas & Sam Bloomfield

With the excitement of the Red Bull Street Style world final in Salvador, Brazil still fresh in the memory, we have three final tricks for you to master at home.

Street Style world finalists Mychal Rycaj of Poland, Egypt's Yousef 'Yorok' Ayman and Tobias Becs of Norway are on hand to guide you expertly in the videos below.

All you need is a soccer ball and plenty of space to practise. Or, if you're anything like us, a soccer ball, plenty of space to practise, a couple of months off work, the patience of a saint and a number of other soccer balls to replace the first one, which is now half-way into orbit.


Michryc Move

A nice, simple starter for you this week. Just a couple of Around The Worlds combined with a 360 spin. You can't actually even see the ball for part of this one, so that vital first touch has to be a good one.

Yorok Move

Ok, so it's now three months later and you've mastered the Michryc Move. Time to move on to Yorok's signature trick; another combination of several already hugely-technical moves which combine into one flowing whole. Start with a Magic Spin, duck under that and move straight into a Sit-down Knee Crossover. Timing is key to this one.

No Touch Combo 

Tobias Becs wraps things up for the tricktionary by talking us through the deceptively-simple-looking No Touch Combo. Patience and technique are of equal importance here, as you try to combine two flicks with leg crossovers in succession, without touching the ball in between.

Check out for all the other tricks in our 10-part series.

Red Bull Street Style

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