Survival of the fittest at Red Bull 400 Park City

Side effects may include shortness of breath and extreme fatigue.
A competitor at Red Bull 400 Park City, Utah takes on the ascent.
Approaching the finish line © David Martínez Moreno/Red Bull Content Pool
By Jen Stafford

Warning: What you are about to witness are side effects of the steepest 400m race in the world – the Red Bull 400.

For nearly 200 years, ski jumps have been designed to generate maximum speed in one direction – down. Now, Red Bull is reversing the challenge, creating a different beast entirely in Park City, Utah.

Check it out in the video below.

This is not a race for the faint of heart. For starters, most endurance events don’t require oxygen masks or ropes preventing an avalanche of human bodies.

The Red Bull 400 dares any man or woman to sprint 400m up a 36-degree incline at an altitude of 7,000ft [2,134m]. By the time you crawl through the finish line, it isn’t so much about your time, but completing the ultimate endurance test.

As fatigue sets in, self-doubt can creep into the mind, but pushing oneself to the limit is the real reward of this race.

Red Bull 400
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