See into the mind of a world-class kayaker

Nouria Newman is stopping at nothing to achieve her kayaking dreams.
By Alison Mann

Becoming female paddler of the year doesn’t come easy, something French kayaker Nouria Newman knows well.

She’s got an array of medals under her belt as well as the title of Female Paddler of the Year she claimed in 2015 at the Canoe and Kayak awards. But it takes training, a lot of training and many sacrifices.

Check out this video to see into the mind of a top athlete, and find out why she wants to make it to Rio this year.

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See what she has to say about her ultimate goal here

Nouria is multi-disciplined, competing in canoe, freestyle and extreme kayaking – and excels at all three.

She mixes her sporting training alongside studying journalism at Sciences Po Toulouse, France. She says: “Sometimes you get penalties. Sometimes you miss a gate. Sometimes you crash.

“Daily life isn’t always easy. There are injuries. Sometimes it’s about managing your training on top of your studies or your job."

Nouria Newman performs on the slalom course in Pau, France on 2nd of June, 2014
Nouria Newman in action in Pau, France © Samo Vidic/Red Bull Content Pool

But it’s all worth it, to achieve her kayaking goals, she says: “It’s cold, you have to wake up early, you’re tired. But in the end you just do it, and you don’t even notice the sacrifices.
“And tomorrow if I quit competing, I’ll still be kayaking. This is my favourite thing in the world.”

Nouria Newman
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