60 seconds to make you feel totally exhausted

Have you ever tried sprinting 400m up a very steep hill? Well, this is how you’d feel if you did.
By Dominique Granger

Kaput, out of gas, ready to drop, worn out, pooped, dead, knackered, bushed, beat, whacked, drained, shattered… these are all expressions you could use at the end of a Red Bull 400 race.

It’s the beginning of a new season for uphill sprint lovers: the Red Bull 400 events are back, and the 2016 calendar starts strongly this year with a new event in Almaty, Kazakhstan on Sunday, May 1.

The principle is simple: the participants start at the bottom of a ski jump and have to scramble their way up as fast as their calves and thigh muscles will allow.

With a total of eight events around the world, chances are one of them is close enough for you to attempt running the most gruelling 400m of your life.

Think you have what it takes? Find all the info and dates for the 2016 season here.

Want an insider’s view on the race? Watch this POV clip and feel the burn!

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