Check out our favourite Selfie Run spots

You’re going to want to go running when you see these Wings For Life World Run Selfie Run locations.
By Corinna Halloran

Just in case the unique moving finish driven by F1 drivers, or the run beginning at the same time around the world didn't make Wings for Life World Run unique enough, there was the Selfie Run.

Over 20,550 people registered for the Selfie Run, which allowed runners to run their own course using the Wings for Life World Run Selfie App. Just like the real run, the Selfie Runners were chased down by Catcher Cars, albeit a virtual one.

Runners from around the world, from Madagascar to Alaska, pulled on their their trainers and went running with their smartphone. Here's a few of our favourite places people headed out for their Selfie Run.

Mick Fanning

Where: A remote island
Mick Fanning takes the cake here – afterall, who wouldn't want to go for a run on a remote island? Fanning was not near Melbourne on Sunday, May 8 but that didn't stop him from running for those who can't.

Manuel Schof

Where: Mieming, Tyrol, Austria
Ok @manuel_schof, you have us all wanting to move to Austria with this postcard-esque selfie shot. Just promise us we can go on a run with you, too.

Mariya Sergeevnaa

Where: Яхт-Клуб Старый Салтов
In the North East corner of Ukraine, @marysergeevnaa headed off for a nice 11km Selfie Run along the lake and through the forest. Despite moody clouds, the forest does look like quite a cool running spot.

Thomas Oehler

Where: Nepal
Trials rider Tom Oehler took to the mountains of Nepal for his Selfie Run, proving that remoteness shouldn't stop you.

Aline Zaidan

Where: Campinas, Brazil
Brazil is a beautiful place and @alinezbc proved that with this multishot post. Plus, she woke up at sunrise to get involved with Wings for Life World Run global start.

Eero Ettala

Where: Svalbard, Arctic Circle
From the looks of it pro snowboarder Eero Ettala showed up in style to his Selfie Run in the Arctic Circle.

Run Wit Me

Where: KLCC Park, Malaysia
49 people showed up for this Selfie Run and the @runwitme group was able to grab this cool photo, really hitting home that this is a global run.

Kelly Sildaru

Where: Estonia
Skier Kelly Sildaru took to the woods for her Selfie Run in what looked like ideal conditions.

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