Check out the 5 best Red Bull X-Fighters runs ever

Expert in the matter Ronnie Renner tells us his 5 favourite winning runs of all-time.
By Dominique Granger

Ronnie Renner is no stranger to the Red Bull X-Fighters and even less so to the motocross world in general. While his own CV is mightily impressive – multiple podiums at the most prestigious events, multiple times record breaker, more X-Games gold medals than any others in the discipline, and so much more – he sure knows how to recognise when other riders are doing an amazing job.

His deep knowledge and understanding of the discipline is the exact reason why we asked him to look back on all the winning Red Bull X-Fighters runs in Madrid, in preparation for this year's event, to pick his top 5 favourite runs and explain why. See the result below!

#1 Edgar Torronteras, 2002

The Original. It's a fact that nothing can beat an original. The pioneers of this sport took chances that no one even considered to be sane. In 2002, Edgar Torronterras was able to show Madrid and the world what he was capable of, showing that he was the real deal. I feel that ET is one of the founding fathers of FMX, so it was only fitting that he take the first Red Bull X-Fighters in Madrid.

#2 Tom Pagès, 2015

Tom Pagès in 2015 was something for the memory books. It marked a new chapter in the sport. The plaza floor had to be completely restructured to accommodate the new level of FMX. Tom was able to pull off his unthought of repertoire of tricks and unmatched style of riding. From body varials to bike varials to big whips and rotations. Tom has set the bar very high in this sport.

#3 Travis Pastrana, 2004

This one hits close to home for me. It was my first Red Bull X-Fighters and I actually finished third. There was no chance in hell that I would be able to join the battle of Nate Adams and Travis. They were on another level. TP came out of the legendary tunnels with a vengeance and energy that has yet to be matched. Mixing raw speed and energy with massive tricks and ridiculous extension. It blew people's minds.

#4 Tom Pagès, 2013

It was obvious that the Plaza de Toros Las Ventas had a new king taking over. Thomas came into this event with pure, unadulterated determination and focus, but also carried an energy and showmanship that stole the spotlight from everyone. It marked a moment I think in the sport where anything was possible and you didn't have to be a backflipping video game character to win events. After this moment , you need to be superhuman, creative and a fine tuned daredevil to be a contender.

#5 Dany Torres, 2009

Every city has their hometown hero and Dany Torres is just that in Madrid. With the most X-Fighters starts of any active rider, the once phenom of FMX has continued to be a crowd favourite in Madrid with his raw energy, flawless execution and constant evolution with the sport. His win in 2009 started a trend that still fuels his fire to compete.

Now the question is: will this year's winner make it in the book like these five legendary runs?

Stay tuned with Red Bull X-Fighters and keep an eye out on what will be happening in Madrid on June 24, 2016 for the 15th anniversary of the event in the Spanish capital.

Watch the entire competition LIVE on and on Red Bull TV at 10pm CEST on June 24. (The broadcast is geo-blocked in the USA but will be shown exclusively on Fox Sports 1.)

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