Enjoy our 10 best photos starring the moon

We took a look through the archives to find our favorite action shots with a little lunar action.
By Tucker Jackson

The moon is always there, whether you can see it or not – it might be hiding somewhere beneath the horizon. A mere 356,400km from Earth at its closest point (did you know that distance changes?), the moon's pull is what creates the ocean's tides and marks our seasons.

Completing a circumnavigation of our planet every 29.5 days, it's a constant in life and, with the right camera set-up, a wonderful backdrop for action photography. We picked a few of our favoutire ever images featuring the moon for you to enjoy below. 

The moto and the moon

Clinton Moore of Australia performs during the training for the final stage of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour in Abu Dhabi.
Backflip over the moon? Sweet © Joerg Mitter/Red Bull Content Pool

As that really the moon, or trick of the stadium lights? Only Red Bull X-Fighter Clinton Moore and photographer Joerg Mitter know. 

Climbing by the light

German climber Alex Megos climbing by the light of the moon on a cliff face in California, USA
Climbing by the light © Ken Etzel/Red Bull Content Pool

This shot is of Alex Megos, one of the world's best up-and-coming climbers. Check out a few of his hardest moves here

Night trials

Motorcycle trials rider Diego Ordonez riding at night in front of giant moon in his home country, Guatemala
Did they shoot with a telescope? © Agustin Munoz/Red Bull Content Pool

Trials ace Diego Ordonez grabs some night time air in Guatemala in front of a giant moon.

Diving into the night

Colombian cliff diver Orlando Duque performs a midnight dive in front of the ancient Poisedon Temple in Greece
Diving by the light at the ancient Poisedon Temple © Samo Vidic/Red Bull Content Pool

Cliff diving legend Orlando Duque is captured here in front of the ancient Temple of Poseidon in Greece during a full-moon shoot. It was an epic shoot and you can read more about it here.

A great time in Greenland

MTB rider Petr Kraus photographed enjoying the view at moonrise in Kangaamiut, Greenland
That’s inspiration © Mads Pihl/Red Bull Content Pool

Petr Kraus stops to find some inspiration in Greenland. We can see where he's getting it from. 

Poisedon Returns

Colombian diver Orlando Duque cliff diving at night in front of the ancient Poseidon Temple in Greece
Orlando Duque found a classic spot for a dive © Samo Vidic/Red Bull Content Pool

More action in front of the sacred Temple of Poisedon, and why not when it looks this good.

Here comes the night

The moon shining through mountain fog in Canada
The moon in the mountains is incredible © Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool

The West coast of Canada is a damp, foggy place, as this spectacular mountain shot shows you. 

Excuse me while I touch the sky 

Paragliders pose to create a funny photo with the moon at sunset in the Namibian desert
Excuse me while I touch the sky © Red Bull Content Pool

Sometimes you've got to have a little fun – just like these paragliders in Namibia

Oahu moon

Paraglider Veselin Ovcharov flys in front of the moon during a flight at sunrise in Hawaii
Light on the horizon © Jorge Atramiz/Red Bull Content Pool

Aerial ace Veso Ovcharov likes to play in paradise with his paraglider, like during this trip to Hawaii

Actually, these just look like the moon... 

Danny MacAskill rides MTB trials in front of a solar eclipse in Scotland, UK
Tricked you! Not in fact the moon © Rutger Pauw

Rad shot, right? Too bad it's not the moon – it's a lunar eclipse that Danny MacAskill’s sends it in front of on his mountain bike.

Yeah, not the moon either

Glider pilot Luca Bertossio performs aerial moves during a solar eclipse
Solar swoop © Daniele Molineris/Red Bull Content Pool

OK, this also isn't the moon. Champion glider pilot Luca Bertossio flies in front of a solar eclipse. Nice to have a window seat! 

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