Flying Dutchman van der Linden wins Art of Motion

Massive tricks on Santorini handed Bart van der Linden victory in freerunning’s biggest contest.
By Oliver Schran

Bart van der Linden flipped, jumped, spun and dropped his way to an impressive victory in the Red Bull Art of Motion 2016 finals.

Against the majestic backdrop of the white-washed clifftop houses of Oia on Santorini, the Dutchman landed atop the podium after outrunning the contest favourites Dimitris Kyrsanidis and Pavel Petkuns, and grabbing his first ever Red Bull Art of Motion win from American pairing Alfred Scott and Joey Adrian.

The stunning competition proved once again that there're no limits  to raising the bar in freerunning, showcasing next level tricks and outstanding athlete runs.

Watch the full Red Bull Art of Motion 2016 replay here.
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During the final, van der Linden was awarded 383 points by the panel of judges (out of a maximum 500), having performed a very technical and difficult run that maintained an awe-inspiring flow.

I can’t believe this is even real! I told myself to remain true to my own style, do my thing and that’s what got me to first place. I’m the happiest person in the world right now!

Bart van der Linden

Alfred Scott earned second place with a total of 379 points, and landed a perfect Cast Gainer to also scoop the Best Trick award, whilst online qualifier Adrian Joey pulled out all of his biggest tricks to land third in an impressive display of flow and stamina.

The sixth edition of Red Bull Art of Motion brought together the top athletes from 13 different countries, with more than 3,000 fans packing every single vantage point on the streets of Oia to see them in action.

Luxembourg's Lynn Jung won the Best Female Award, strongly representing the uprising female community of freerunning.

Red Bull Art of Motion 2016 results

1. Bart van der Linden (NLD)
2. Alfred Scott (USA)
3. Joey Adrian (USA)
4. Calem Chan (USA)
5. Pedro Salgado (POR)
6. Nathan Weston (USA)

Best Trick

Alfred Scott (USA)

Best Female

Lynn Jung (LUX)

Miss the live broadcast? No problem, watch the Video on Demand here.

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