Red Bull Art of Motion

Watch Art of Motion’s incredible 3 best runs

Enjoy Bart van der Linden’s gnarly array of tricks and see the podium runs from start to finish.
By Oliver Schran

Winning the sixth annual Red Bull Art of Motion freerunning event on the picturesque Greek island of Santorini required a breathtaking array of gravity-defying tricks.

Over the whitewashed roofs and ledges overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean, Dutch freerunner Bart van der Linden showed the necessary brilliance to win the event for the first time.

The video of his run will leave your jaw on the floor and the runs from Alfred Scott (USA) and Joey Adrian (USA) showcase that van der Linden had no room for error to take the title.

Watch the top three runs from Red Bull Art of Motion 2016 below:

Winning run: Bart van der Linden

Second-place run: Alfred Scott

Third-place run: Joey Adrian

Missed the action in Santorini? No problem! Just hit the link below to watch as video on demand.

Red Bull TV: Art of Motion 2016


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