These are our scariest Halloween moments in GIFs!

We asked some of your favourite athletes to immortalise their frightening experiences for Halloween.
By Lee Christopher

Rafa Ortiz

Rafa Ortiz thinks nothing of kayaking over an immense waterfall the rest of us would have nightmares about, but it seems on October 31 some things do scare even him.

Nadine Wallner

Freeskier Nadine Wallner isn’t so afraid of picking her own line down the truly awesome north face of the Bec des Rosses for the Xtreme Verbier as she is of… camping.

"This summer we slept under the sky in the woods in Italy. We didn’t bring a tent because we wanted to do it by fair means," says Nadine. "In the middle of the night something jumped on my back which felt pretty big. The first second I woke up I didn’t really know what was happening. Later we had to laugh about the little hungry fox which scared us so much for a few seconds!"


In the middle of the night something jumped on my back which felt pretty big

Nadine Wallner

Thomas Öhler

Tom Öhler makes the bike sport of trials look anything but a trial, but his scariest moment involved not looking down…


Riding a narrow wall on the edge of an eight-storey-high building in downtown Boston during a trial demo on the rooftop felt really scary afterwards!

Thomas Öhler

Pavel Petkuns

Another athlete who knows no fear when it comes to narrow walls at height is Pavel Petkuns. At least if the undead come to find him on Halloween night he’ll be able to think of sunny Santorini and run like hell away!


Matjaž Klemenčič

Distance hang-glider Matjaž Klemenčič probably wishes he had a broomstick to fend off ghostly apparations in the sky…



Bad weather forecast ahead!

Matjaž Klemenčič
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