See this guy plant a parkour handstand on a bridge

VR doesn’t get any better than following parkour pros like Abudi Alsagoff exploring city skylines.
By Tarquin Cooper

Urbex stands for urban exploration, and those with a fear of heights may want to think carefully before putting on a headset and joining these parkour pros who call precipitous skyscrapers and landmarks home.

In this VR episode join Abudi Alsagoff as he dares to climb and do a handstand on the famous Puterjaiab Bridge in Kuala Lampur.

For a premium viewing experience use your phone and a VR headset to watch the clip above. However, you can still get the general idea and see an amazing 360 degree edit without any add-ons.

Surveying the playground that is Kuala Lumpur, an urbex explorer scouts for potential challenges.
Exploring Kuala Lumpur at night © KEO FILMS/Red Bull Content Pool

Malaysia’s Abudi is a parkour professional with an easy and likeable personality. He's one of the best of his generation, with a speciality in somersaults and backflips.

So doing a handstand atop the Puterjaiab Bridge in Kuala Lampur? Meh! That's no big deal.

Looking down the Seri Saujana Bridge in Kuala Lumpur.
Don't look down © KEO FILMS/Red Bull Content Pool

In another sequence he climbs an abandoned apartment building, walking along a knife-edge building strut to gain a bird’s eye view, hundreds of metres above the city. It's a dizzying achievement – and not for the faint-hearted.

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