Watch Ben Harper’s stunning 360 degree music video

Check out this virtual reality video for Ben Harper’s music from the Let’s Be Frank soundtrack.
By Tarquin Cooper

It's not your average surf flick that has music specially written by Ben Harper. But then Let's Be Frank is anything but average. Sure, it features handsome surfers doing daring tricks on thunderous waves, but there’s also hit men, drag queens, thug brawls, and more. Inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel and Fight Club, it's 'a brutally dishonest look into the world of surfing', and follows the adventures of an investigative reporter on the heels of the South African surfer Frank Solomon.

The original score was written by Ben Harper with Jesse Ingalls and Jason Mozersky. The meditative and edgy blues track, When I Go, takes you through heavy riffs and mellow chords as you journey into the supposed world of Frank James Solomon. Producing the music video with 360 degree cameras adds another unique twist to an already unique film. 

For a premium viewing experience use your phone and a VR headset to watch the clip above. However, you can still get the general idea and see an amazing 360 degree edit without any add-ons.

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