Snowkiting race transformed by 360 degree shots

This 360 degree slideshow reveals the true epic wildness of the world’s toughest snowkite race.
By Tarquin Cooper

Red Bull Ragnarok is known as the toughest snowkite race there is. As these incredible 360 degree vistas show, it might just qualify for the world's most spectacular race as well.

It takes place on Norway's notorious Hardangervidda plateau – the place where legendary explorers used to train before going to the Poles – while it takes its name from the last battle between good and evil gods in Norse mythology in which only the heroes of the battlefield survive. For athletes to survive, mental toughness and extreme kiting skills are vital.

For a premium viewing experience use your phone and a VR headset to watch the clip above. However, you can still get the general idea and see an amazing 360 degree edit without any add-ons.

Competitor practises during the Red Bull Ragnarok at Hardangervidda in Haugastol, Norway on March 31st, 2016
Red Bull Ragnarok: as tough as it is beautiful. © Esben Zøllner Olesen/Red Bull Content Pool

The sixth Ragnarok to take place was covered by four photographers: Mats Grimsæth, Daniel Tengs and Håkon Mæland with Esben Zøllner Olesen undertaking a more creative view, shooting infrared, time lapse and 360 degree VR photography. 

Alongside his normal DSLR cameras he took two Canon EOS bodies converted for infrared photography, a pair of Ricoh Theta S 360 cameras and a whole load of time-lapse and remote control equipment.

Competitor practises during the Red Bull Ragnarok at Hardangervidda in Haugastol, Norway on April 2nd, 2016
Welcome to the world's most challenging kite race © Esben Zøllner Olesen/Red Bull Content Pool

The challenge of shooting in 360, Olesen told us was to be in the heart of the race in order to capture action from every angle. “It was very important to be close to your subject, otherwise it will seem very far away,” Olesen recalls. “The viewer sees everything, so you have to be right in the middle of the action with the athletes.”

We think you'll agree the result does justice to the epic nature of Red Bull Ragnarok. 

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