How dizzy does this cliff diving clip make you?

Join the USA Cliff Diving Team for some heart-stopping leaps that show the fun side of cliff diving
By Matthew Collins

You know what they say, it's good to have friends in high places. For the USA Cliff Diving Team, that old adage couldn't be more true. In the highly competitive world of Red Bull Cliff Diving, where individuals must display powers of focus, skill and acrobatic precision during three seconds of freefall into water from 28m, it certainly helps having a few buddies along for the ride.

While those competition platforms can be lonely and nerve-wracking places, it's a much more relaxed affair for the Americans during their downtime. And by downtime, we mean downtime. Andy Jones, David Colturi, Steven LoBue and Kyle Mitrione enjoy nothing more than the rush of wind and flash of adrenaline experienced when they descend from great heights into water, and they're forever on the lookout for new and increasingly demanding locations to leap from.

This video was put together by Jones, the creative mind behind USA Cliff Diving, and it captures their acrobatic antics and insanely playful dives from every conceivable spot in a host of locations, including Polignano a Mare, Capri and Praiano in Italy, Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas, the Azores and Vis in Croatia.

From bridges to balconies, cliffs to caves, and with heights ranging from 20–32m, it seems nothing is off limits for this crazy gang of exceptional athletes.

Visit Red Bull Cliff Diving for more videos and stunning dives.

David Colturi
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