Watch Flying Steps crack America

Join Flying Steps on their latest adventure in Red Bull TV’s Follow The Steps: Breakin’ The World.
The fast-moving breakin' crew are invading the US. Find out what happens in Follow The Steps.
The Flying Steps are on a mission to break America © The Flying Steps
By Henner Thies

Award-winning breakin' crew the Flying Steps have appeared on Europe's biggest stages with Red Bull Flying Bach and Red Bull Flying Illusion. Now they're out to conquer the US.

Red Bull TV's six-part series Follow The Steps: Breakin’ The World follows the world-class breakdancing crew on their inspiring journey.

Below are a few reasons to watch the series when it premieres on Red Bull TV on March 13.

You’ll get access all areas

Follow The Steps: Breakin’ The World takes you behind the scenes of one of the hottest breakdancing crews in the world. Over six 26-minute episodes, the film follows the crew as they do their thing onstage, then joins them backstage, on the bus, at their hotel, you name it, before partying with them.

You’ll get a deeper understanding of breakdancing

If you want to understand what breakdancing means to Robozee, Willy, Benny and the rest of the crew, you need to watch them in action. Words alone can't convey the passion that Flying Steps have for dancing.

You’ll find out what inspires Flying Steps

The shows that Flying Steps put on are incredible – and they come from a very personal place. In Follow The Steps: Breakin' The World you'll get to hear what inspires and drives on the world's best dancers, including creative director Vartan Bassil and Flying Steps' newest member Willy.

Watch The Flying Steps throw down some eye-popping moves in the home of breakdancing.
Join Flying Steps' latest adventure © The Flying Steps

You’ll learn what it takes to become a world-beating breakdancer

Flying Steps' story is remarkable. Every member has worked hard for years – and against all odds – to become a world beater. Follow The Steps: Breakin' The World explores just how much talent and hard work it takes to become one of the best breakdancers in the world.

It also shows that, sometimes, dreams can come true

Follow The Steps: Breakin' The World shows that it's worth following your dream – that's exactly what Vartan Bassil and his dancers have been doing from the get-go. Now, Flying Steps are living that dream.

Go and see Flying Steps' new show Red Bull Flying Illusion.

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