The history of the flying car in one infographic

Journey through the decades of man’s quest to conquer land and sky.
A photo of the Aeromobil 3.0 flying car prototype
Meet the Aeromobil flying car © Aeromobil
By Ally Koehler and Jon Partridge

Ever since man could drive, he has wanted to soar.

Though flying car attempts have numbered into their hundreds, only three have achieved aviation certification and at least two designers died in pursuit of their lofty dreams.

With Airbus set to test its autonomous flying taxis by the end of this year, self-driving cars already hitting the road in major cities around the world, and three flying car models lined up to ship by 2020, could we finally be on the cusp of takeoff?

We review the highs and lows of flying car development and the road that lies ahead.

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