Neymar Jr takes on Neymar Jr’s Five challenges

The Brazil and Barcelona star competes against friends in speed, control and more. Will he succeed?
By Matthew Collins

Neymar Jr's Five is a football competition unlike any other – not only is it open to teams from more than 50 countries around the world, but its fast pace and technical precision means that it requires skills different than playing 11-a-side. And who better to illustrate what those are than the Brazil and Barcelona icon himself?

In this exclusive web series for, Neymar Jr takes us behind the scenes as he and his friends tackle a series of Neymar Jr’s Five challenges. Watch the guys test their blind trust in each other as well as their speed, control, reflexes, precision – and, above all, their sense of fun.

Episode 1 - Speed

In Neymar Jr’s Five, every second counts, as the goal is to outplay all players from the opposite team in a maximum of 10 minutes. In this episode, Neymar Jr and friends battle to become king of the countdown. Who can score the most goals in the least amount of time?

Episode 2 - Trust

The key to great teamwork in Neymar Jr’s Five is having unbreakable trust in your mates, whatever the conditions. In this episode, Neymar Jr and friends put their faith in each other to the ultimate test – can their team-mate hit the target whilst wearing a blindfold?

Episode 3 - Control

When you’re under pressure and short on space and time, good ball control is worth its weight in gold. In this episode, Neymar Jr and friends show off their table-top touch technique in a skill challenge with a difference to prepare for Neymar Jr’s Five.

Episode 4 - Reflexes

The best Neymar Jr’s Five ballers have anti-gravity balance, sharp minds and lightning-fast feet – and to reach the top, you have to be ready for anything. In this episode, Neymar Jr puts his spontaneity skills to the test in the ultimate challenge of reflex and reaction.

Episode 5 - Precision

In Neymar Jr’s Five, where millimetres make the difference between winning or losing, precision is everything. In this episode, Neymar Jr and friends team up and use their heads to complete an epic eagle-eye challenge with a twist – how many goals can they score?

Behind the Scenes

What does it take to make it to the top of Neymar Jr’s Fives? The best teams have trust in each other, rocket speed, solid ball control, lightning-fast reflexes, incredible precision and a lot of laughs! We go behind the scenes on the shoot as the man himself and his team-mates test out their technique for the cameras.

For more about Neymar Jr's Five – including how to take part – visit the official site.

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