Watching people being tricked is pure magic

Illusionist Adam Trent trots the globe with only tricks to trade; the response he gets is pure gold.
By Steve Root

“Magic is the world’s best ice-breaker,” says Adam Trent, host of The Road Trick.

If that’s true – and who are we to argue? – then witnessing that ice break wide open by way of people’s reaction to his tricks is the best way to spend your next 60 or so seconds.

Watch Adam doing his thing in the clip below...

Intrigued? That’s exactly the plan of Trent, a world-class magician who, in his brand new series that debuts today on Red Bull TV, travels across Europe using incredible sleight-of-hand tricks as his currency of choice to dazzle people on the street, break down cultural and language barriers and open doors to experiences no amount of money could buy.

We’re talking adventures like gaining access to the top of Vienna’s city hall building (climbing ropes and harnesses required); a surreptitious subterranean skulk through the Parisian catacombs (though a manhole, of course); and an invitation to a Barcelona neighbourhood fire festival. (Spoiler alert: it gets hot!)

Prior to his 10-episode Road Trick escapade, Trent could be found performing in major theatres such as the famed Sydney Opera House and on Broadway in the hit show The Illusionists. It’s a far cry from close-up work with complete strangers and no script to follow. So, naturally, plenty of surprises happen along the way, like when he tries to perform for a bunch of Budapest badasses, who’d rather roll him and his crew for their camera gear than pick a card, any card. On a lighter note, Trent also meets up with a Danish supermodel, so it’s all good.

That’s the magic of The Road Trick. Check out the entire series, exclusively on Red Bull TV.

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