Lil Len

Kai Lenny

Anything that involves the ocean, I’m game!

Kai Lenny warms up for the Kai vs Oracle event in San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, CA, USA, 15th July 2013.
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Hi, my name is Kai Lenny. My discipline is surfing big wave, free surfing windsurfing, wave kitesurfing freestyle. My friends call me Lil Len. I was born on 8 October 1992 in Maui, Hawaii, USA. My special talent is having lots of fun. My philosophy of life is live life to the fullest, have fun, never give up and be the best you can be. My favourite food is burritos.


Apparently, Kai didn’t get the memo that you’re not supposed to be a rugged waterman until you’re older. This 20-year-old from Maui embodies the salty grit of someone twice his age. He’ll take off on any wave that Jaws will throw at him. But, when the sea slumbers, Kai stays wide awake.

He has won a stand up paddle racing world championship and has netted a few wins on the stand up paddle World Tour. He also kitesurfs, windsurfs, tow-surfs and basically just lives in the ocean. In October 2013, Kai Lenny celebrated his second overall victory at the 2013 Stand Up World Series, at Turtle Bay, Oahu, Hawaii. Kai secured the top podium in the sprints, and thus, the overall world title for 2013. Says Kai: "This year's Turtle Bay finals was by far the most fun sprint final I have ever done! Who said SUP racing was not exciting? And, as the saying goes, it's not over until it's over!".

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Career Highlights

  1. 2014
    1. 1st Place Overall: Standup World Cup Series Finals

      Long Distance Race

      Oahu, Hawaii

  2. 2014
    1. Abu Dhabi All Stars Grand Slam Champion – Stand Up Paddling

      (Distance and Sprint)

      Abu Dhabi, UAE

  3. 2013
    1. SUP Overall World Champion

      As well as SUP Race World Champion and SUP Wave World Champion

    2. 2nd Place Overall: KSP Kiting World Title

    3. Sunset Beach Pro Champion

      Kai also won the 2010 and 2011 editions of the tournament

    4. SUP Top Male Paddler of the Year Award

  4. 2012
    1. Stand Up World Racing Champion

  5. 2010
    1. SUP World Tour Champion