Red Bull Ride My Wave 2016

Kabalana Beach, Ahangama
© Mohamed Ahsan/Red Bull Content Pool

After intense battles on the waves of the east coast last year, Red Bull Ride My Wave returns for its third edition to the southern coast of Sri Lanka on December 10 and 11, 2016 at Kabalana Beach. Surfers from all over the world will compete against each other to own the title ‘King of the Wave’ with prizes of US$1,500 for first place, US$1,000 for second and US$500 for third. With two days of spectacular action, Sri Lanka’s southern coastline will put surfers to the ultimate test in an action-packed competition. The amateur event will be officiated by WSL- and ISA-accredited officials.

Please note that registration is now closed.

Event director Kai Linder: “I'm immensely happy to be returning to Sri Lanka this year for another edition of the Red Bull Ride My Wave. Last year, the judges and I got to experience the incredible hospitality, amazing food and fun waves on offer in the area around Arugam Bay. This year we look forward to experiencing another area of Sri Lanka and I hope to find even more amazing surf spots and to meeting more local surfers. The event helps to promote the development of contest surfing in this emerging surf market, as Sri Lankan surfers will hopefully join the global contest scene in the very near future. With its climate, warm water, fun waves and amazing people, Sri Lanka is the perfect surf destination and it's important that the local surf culture is developed alongside surf tourism.

“The contest will be marked by three judges from South Africa, all of whom come from a development background and non-traditional surfing cultures. All three are fully accredited ISA Judges and two of them have worked on both ISA and WSL events around the world and in South Africa.

“I look forward to another great event and remind all participants that this is an amateur event and that, while this is a competition, don’t forget why we started surfing in the first place – to have the most fun possible!”

Short board judging criteria

The surfer must perform radical controlled manoeuvres in the critical sections of a wave with speed, power and flow. Innovative/progressive surfing as well as the combination and variety of repertoire (of MAJOR manoeuvres) will also be taken into consideration when rewarding points for a surfer's performance. The surfer who performs to the criteria above, exhibiting the maximum degree of difficulty and commitment on the waves will maximise his/her scoring potential.


Round 1 – 128 surfers x 32 heats (4 people) – 15 minutes
Round 2 – 64 surfers (1st & 2nd place, round 1) x 16 heats (4 people) – 15 minutes
Round 3 – 32 surfers (1st & 2nd place, round 3) x 8 heats (4 people) – 15 minutes
Quarter-finals – 16 surfers (1st & 2nd place, round 3) x 4 heats (3 people) – 20 minutes
Semi-finals – 8 surfers (1st & 2nd place, quarter-finals) x 2 heats (4 people) – 20 minutes
Final – 4 surfers (1st & 2nd place, semi-finals) x 1 heat (4 people) – 30 minutes


Judging scale and categories

The 0- to 10-point scoring system used to differentiate wave scores:

0.1–1.9 – Poor
2.0–3.9 – Fair
4.0–5.9 – Average
6.0–7.9 – Good
8.0–10 – Excellent