Red Bull Jaws Opening Ceremony

Big wave freaks unite in Maui to celebrate another great irony of surfing
By Team

Surfing is divinely attracted to irony. The best waves seem to exist in the hardest to reach places. We bring toxic pollutants in the sea that we claim to love. And some kid with a bowlcut from Florida became the best surfer ever. It is all backwards and beautiful. And now, as an ode to this irony, a paddle-in big wave contest will be held at the birthplace of tow surfing. The Red Bull Jaws waiting period is on.

Tow-in surfing was the bee’s knees for a minute, and that minute was called the decade of 2000 in entirety. Throughout the 2000’s, Eminem was widely recognized as a genius of cultural art, and men like Laird Hamilton and Garret McNamara married waves like Teahupoʻo and Jaws with the help of a jetski. But those days have passed. In the 2010’s, hellmen have handed the keys to the Yamaha back to Kenny Powers and traded towropes for triceps. And what an awe it has become.

In recent times, the eyes of the big wave world have been set upon Jaws in Peahi, Maui. Jaws is a mountain wave on a valley isle. Maui is green, organic and peaceful. Jaws is blue, windy, and exposed to some of the most furious swell energy that the Pacific Ocean summons up. One of the world’s most frightening waves on a quiet little hippie island. How ironic is that?

The waiting period runs through March 15th, 2013. Have a gander at all of this testosterone, the invitee list:

Kala Alexander (HI)
Grant "Twiggy" Baker (ZAF)
Carlos Burle (BRZ)
Kohl Christensen (HI)
Danilo Couto (BRZ)
Shane Dorian (HI)
Nate Fletcher (CA)
John John Florence (HI)
Mark Healey (HI)
Bruce Irons (HI)
Albee Layer (HI)
Greg Long (CA)
Garrett McNamara (HI)
Ramon Navarro (CHL)
Jamie O'Brien (HI)
Makua Rothman (HI)
Jeff Rowley (AUS)
Kelly Slater (FL)
Ian Walsh (HI)
Shaun Walsh (HI)
Dave Wassel (HI)

1. Francisco Porcella (HI)
2. Aaron Gold (HI)
3. Billy Kemper (HI)
4. DK Walsh (HI)
5. Marcio Freire (HI)
6. Reef McIntosh (HI)
7. Kai Lenny (HI)
8. Gabriel Villaran (Chile)
9. Tyler Larronde (HI)
10. Matt Meola (HI)
11. Yuri Soledade (HI)
12. Mark Mathews (AUS)
13. Nakoa Decoite (HI)
14. Ben Wilkinson (HI)


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