Gabriel Villaran Goes For A Ride

Despite the annoyance of modern-day air travel, Kirby Chambliss takes Gabe for a spin.
© Redbull
By Team

Air travel is rather inconvenient nowadays. You gotta pay for everything — food, carry-ons, glasses of merlot. People are always in such a rush. And it seems like the seats are getting more cramped by the flight. Undaunted by these things, the ever-positive Gabriel Villaran willingly took to the skies recently and loved it.

Given, his pilot for the flight was Kirby Chambliss, a two-time Red Bull Air Race Champion. They did flips, spins and a variety of other maneuvers that look horribly dangerous to anyone outside the realm of professional flying. Kirby really got the kid with a penchant for Backdoor's head spinning. Wonder if he made Gabriel pay for a carry-on...

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