Predictions For The 2013 Volcom Pipe Pro

Three things we're almost positive might happen at the Volcom Pipe Pro. But only time will tell.
By Team

The 2013 Volcom Pipe Pro waiting period starts on Jan 27. Which is, like, really soon. Pipeline might be the absolute most unpredictable entity in the surfing world, sure, but it doesn't require an orb to predict certain events that're gonna go down when the light turns green. Here's three that we're sure of.

1. Jamie O'Brien and John John Florence will do ferocious battle. As always. Jamie has won a Pipe Masters, a Backdoor Shootout and multiple Volcom Pipe Pros. He's surfed the place switch, on a blow up toy, and in a wig. John is nine years his junior, has grown up in front of the wave and pipped Jamie in the last seconds of last year's Volcom Pipe Pro final. So, throw a little thrist for revenge in Jamie's game, too. That makes two of the most evenly-matched Pipe competitors you could imagine. Where do you put your money?

2. Boards will snap and skin will be claimed. En masse. You gotta pay if you wanna play, and the Pipeline will force you to cough up your dues quicker than any spot on Google's green earth. A coupla weeks ago, when a big west swell jacked into the reef, one particular wave caught the pack off guard and cleaned up. The single wave snapped 10 boards and six leashes. That is one very expensive wave. Expect no different at the Volcom event.

3.Goofyfooters won't necessarily prevail. Know this: Dopping into Pipe on your backhand can sometimes be an advantage. You Grip your rail for stability on the takeoff then can almost pull your board under the lip with your hand. Then, feel your way through with your front arm and drag your kicker to slow down. At least, that's how Jamie does it. But putting theory into practise at Pipe is certainly no cakewalk...

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