Three Things We're Almost Sure Might Happen At...

NZ Surf Fest. With only 7 events on the women’s calendar, every stop is crucial. Time to step up.
Sofia Mulanovich © Daisy Day Surf Images
By Brian Roddy

Hype Surrounding Carissa And Tyler: Back to back finals between two young and prolific athletes? Yeah, like the media isn’t going to be all over that. Expect the public to have a keen eye on both of these girls. The world rivalry will be thrown around regularly. They will be compared and contrasted. This might even create some pressure on the two gals, which would open the door for things like...

Sally’s Success: If you were Sally Fitzgibbons, you would want to win this event. She’s been on the brink of a win at all of the first three events, but she has always staggered just short of the champagne. Sally’s results this year — a 2nd, 3rd and 5th — would be considered a great start for most surfers. But Sally is not like most surfers. She is a machine. And this machine is hungry for a victory. The Surf Fest could just be her event.

Sofia’s Comeback: Sofia Mulanovich is still one of the best gals on tour. She’s got some real horsepower and can link big maneuvers together with ease. After a rocky first few events, watch for Sof to find her form in this event and make a dash all the way into the later rounds.

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