Five Not-So-Surfy Things We Felt Like Asking...

Gabriel Villaran, 29-years-old and from Peru.
Gabriel Villaran on the North Shore of Oahu, doing a backside jam.
Gabriel Villaran Jams © Brian Bielmann Photography
By Elliot Struck

A brief insight into the world of Mr Villaran right now, via five questions that ain't so much about riding waves...

1. When you were really young, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be an architect, beacuse I used to like designing houses and doing a little work on my house, like helping the guys who used to come and fix stuff.

2. What's your favourite thing about arriving in a new country? When I arrive in new countries, I like to go straight to the local restaurants and try the food!

3. What song gets you amped up to surf Pipeline? Oh, song for Pipeline? That'd have to be Frantic, by Metallica.

4. What is the breakfast of champions? My breakfast of champions is oatmeal with almond vanilla milk, granola, honey, algarrobina, maca powder, banana and a bit of polen.

5. Who's your favourite sportsman? My favourite sportsman would definitely have to be Mark Healy.

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