Julian Wilson In "One Fine Day"

After 48 hours of wild goose-chasing, Julian ends back at square one and drops serious hammers.
By Elliot Struck

Right when it started getting cold in Sydney (a truly great time for waves), Julian Wilson was on the hunt. Samoa isn’t the first place that springs to mind when you might think of snatch-and-grab runs, but the forecasts were promising so Jules assembled a small team and swooped into Samoa to find… absolutely nothing. And 24 hours later, they were on a plane back to Sydney.

After landing, they drove down to Aussie Pipe but there was nothing happening. They swung the car back north, and drove for five hours checking every nook and cranny available on the way. Nothing! Sometimes, that's the way it goes…

After 48 hours of poor luck, the gang landed back in Bondi. And, as luck would have it, they landed on the day of the year. Spirits were real low, but Julian soon triggered into gear. He then went on to throw down the hammers you’ll see here. All in two hours.

Julian Wilson
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