Three Things We're Almost Sure Might Happen At...

The Roxy Pro. You don't need to be fluent in French, but at least learn enough to bet on these.
Sally, Looking Sharp On Day Un © ASP
By Brian Roddy

Moore Titles: While we can’t be certain that Carissa Moore will win the world title in France — because that is heavily dependent on the ever-so-talented Tyler Wright losing early — we’d bet that she does well. We’d expect nothing less than a final finish as Carissa takes steps to get closer to her crown.

Joker And A Thief: Just when you think you’ve cracked the nut that is the ASP Women’s World tour, you will get flat-out stumped in France. We don’t know who, we don’t know when, but we are sure that France will bring forth a surprise.

Uhh, Barrels: France in the fall is a slice of heaven. Actually, it’s the whole damn thing — fresh air, crisp baguettes, amazing wine and heaving barrels. Expect to see the best chicks in the world cruise through gaping barrels with panache and wine stained lips.

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